Our Technology

PRACTICE UPDATE: We are now open for normal business hours and seeing patients! Before your appointment, click here for more information. If you have any questions about our updated appointment process or safety regulations, please give us a call at (615) 320-3210.

3D Cone Beam

This is extremely useful for envisioning the teeth and jaws like we’ve never been able to see before! We use the 3D scans for implant planning and accurate placement. The 3D scan also allows us to physically see the airway to evaluate if there is any airway constriction which could lead to sleep apnea.

Digital Scanners

We can scan impressions for crowns and Invisalign instead of using all the gooey materials we’ve used in the past. Digital impressions can be taken for the entire mouth in 5 to 10 minutes. The best part is we can show you a simulated preview of your new smile before you even decide to start treatment.


FirstFit is a newly developed way to scan for veneers without the need to wear temporaries and place the veneers at the second visit in as little as two hours…painlessly!