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Sleep apnea can make it incredibly difficult to get a good night of sleep. But the problems sleep apnea causes can be more severe than just feeling a little drowsy during the day. People who struggle with sleep apnea often experience morning headaches, increased irritability and forgetfulness.

We are proud to have Dr. Michael Tabor at Midtown Smiles to help patients who have trouble sleeping finally find relief.

Many patients may think a bulky, uncomfortable CPAP machine is the only solution, but Dr. Tabor can craft a customized appliance to help you breathe and sleep better. Your orthotic device will properly align your tongue and jaw to ensure your airway is unobstructed.

Oral appliances are comfortable to wear and easy to travel with. Patients also follow through with treatment at a higher rate than they do with CPAP therapy.

Dr. Tabor has years of experience treating sleep apnea with dental sleep medicine, and he’s more than ready to help you start sleeping well again. Use the button below to schedule an appointment with Dr. Tabor and get a step closer to a restful night of sleep.


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